10 Tips for Healthy Eating and Quick Weight Loss

Summer is on the doorstep and everyone wants to reach the top form and an ideal appearance of the body. Many are inactive during the winter and often in that period receive a few kilograms more. Weight loss is a real challenge, and every diet makes you feel hungry, irritable and tense. If you want a healthy way to achieve the ideal look of your body, we recommend these following 10 tips for fast, healthy weight loss:

  1. The principal meal start it with homemade soup or porridge, such as tomato soup or grains porridge , and salad with 1 to 2 tablespoons easier drizzle;
  2. If you feel hungry between meals eat an apple, grapefruit or orange. These fruits are rich with fiber and create a feeling of satiety;
  3. Avoid all artificially sweeteners in food preparation, because they increase the desire for sweets. Allow yourself to have a small daily prizes but made from real sugar;
  4. Eat about 10 nuts between meals or before meals. The fruits which contain healthy fats and protein will keep you satiated to avoid hunger, but do not consume more than 10 because of the a high content of calories and fat;
  5. Always spice the food with hot sauce, garlic or fresh spices, but avoid salt;
  6. In the diet daily buffet healthy fats, such as vegetable oils and nuts;
  7. Consume foods that are rich with fiber and has few calories;
  8. Regularly consume protein,which more will saturate and reduce hunger, compared with foods rich in fat;
  9. If you choose to eat the snacks made popcorn with a little oil or make your baked chips from carrots or potatoes;
  10. Finally get a flax seed without having to to cook, just sprinkle the 1 tablespoon on salads, pasta or grains. Flax seed absorbs water and keeps you satiety.Be persevering because weight loss is a daily challenge. But remember these 10 tips. Cooking and consumption of healthy food let it be your daily route and other routines that do during the day.

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