20 Food Items That Shouldn’t Be in Your Refrigerator

We’re completely aware of how modern refrigeration is a substantial practice in every kitchen and household. It goes a long way in preserving our food and maintaining its quality.

But did you know, despite popular belief, refrigerating certain food can actually change their flavor ( not in a good way). It can even reduce their nutritional quality, or accelerate the spoiling process. Keep reading to find out the food items you are never supposed to refrigerate. We bet some of these are sitting in your fridge right now!

  • Tomatoes – texture and flavor will be altered
  • Onions – can get moldy and mushy
  • Potatoes – become gritty and their flavor is altered
  • Garlic – sprouts and becomes moldy
  • Bread – becomes dry
  • Coffee – loses flavor and absorbs odors
  • Honey – crystallizes and thickens faster
  • Hot sauce – most can be stored in a cabinet for 3 years
  • Chocolate-hazelnut spread – the flavor is more intense when not chilled
  • Nuts – the cold environment can stifle the nutty flavor
  • Berries – can become soggy or moldy
  • Ketchup, soy sauce – it will be just fine without refrigeration, even after it has been opened
  • Pickles – will stay fresh outside the fridge
  • Melons –If they are  refrigerated  before cutting,  they tend to break down and become powdery and grainy
  • Peanut butter – no need of  refrigeration
  • Basil – it will absorb all the smells of the food  that surrounds it
  • Avocados – the cold air will stop the ripening
  • Olive oil – condenses and turns into a harder consistency
  • Lemons, oranges and limes – cold air can damage the quality of these fruits
  • Herbs – cold temperatures kills their flavor

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