4 Tips for Exercising in Winter

Let’s face t- it’s tough to find the motivation to exercise outside these days. During the work week, sometimes both legs of our commutes are completed in utter darkness. And while weekend sunshine is appreciated, it doesn’t do much to warm up our wintry surroundings. But before you throw in the towel and restrict yourself to the crowded, stuffy gym for the next few months, it may be worth giving the idea of a winter workout a second thought.

If you can pull yourself away from that cozy seat in front of the fireplace, you’ll reap a lot of health benefits of sweating it out in the cold weather- and you might even learn to love it.

Warm up

Always warm-up for up to 10 minutes before you start. Walk at a brisk pace, or jog in order to warm your muscles.

Make sure you’re warm if you are going outside. Wear several layers to keep the heat in. a lot of heat escapes through your head, so consider wearing a hat as well.

Stay safe

If you’re exercising after dark, keep to well-lit areas and wear bright and reflective clothing. Ideally exercise with a friend, but always tell someone where you are going.

Avoid listening to music while running outdoors. Not hearing what is going on around you can make you vulnerable.

If you have a cold

Colds are more common in winter, but you don’t necessarily have to stop exercising if you are feeling ill.

However, it is important not ot exercise if you have a fever. If you exercise with a fever, it will make you feel worse. In very rare cases, exercising with a fever can lead to the virus affecting your heart, which can be dangerous.

If you have asthma, take extra care when exercising in winter as cold air can trigger symptoms. It is recommended to use your inhaler before you exercise and taking it with you during your activity.

More energy

Regular exercise will make you feel more energetic, which should make it a little easier to get out of your warm bed on cold, dark mornings.

If the shorter days are affecting your mood, being active can improve your sense of wellbeing. Also pretty much everyone is tempted to eat more during the colder months. Exercising will help you manage your weight better and keep your body in shape.

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