6 Unusual Applications of Olive Oil

Everybody is already well known that olive oil, in addition to being used in the preparation of the food is great and applied in many different aspects of life: from cleaning the house to beauty and skin care. In addition, read these six alternative uses of olive oil that you may not know and that will surely help you deal with some of the everyday problems.

1. Dealing with dry heel

Olive oil is the best solution to the problem of dry and cracked heels. Before showering, make peeling feet to remove dead skin cells. After taking a shower instead of cream, apply a certain amount of olive oil. Wear socks and sleep with them -in the morning your feet will be soft and smooth.

2. Care of skin around the nails

The skin around the nails always to be gentle and hydrated regularly spread it with a small amount of olive oil. In this way the skin on the palms will be healthy and nourished, and nails will be much stronger.

3. Cleaning brushes for makeup

You don’t have to spend money for cleaning brushes for makeup. In a glass mix olive oil with detergent, dishwasher and put brushes in her. This will remove any dirt and debris from the products, and from oil, brushes will be much softer than before.

4. Peeling lips

In a glass make a mixture of honey, sugar and olive and gently rub your lips. Thus successfully removes dead skin, and when you wash your lips from this mixture, you will be surprised by their softness.

5. Removing makeup

On the cotton you apply a little olive  and spend it through the eyes and face. Olive  will collect all products from the skin and leave your face clean and fresh.

6. Hair  mask

In the microwave you heat up olive for a few seconds and apply it on the hair. Leave it for 20 minutes, then wash your hair the way you usually do it. Mask of olive  further hydrate your hair and skin of the head.

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