How do I Build Muscles Without the use of any Supplements?

How do I build muscles

There are some common mistakes many people make when they first start working out to build muscle. If you avoid these mistakes and follow the muscle building workout guidelines below then you’ll be able to pack on size without using supplements – and do it fast.

Step 1: You have to train the right way to build muscle.

A common mistake many people make is to start doing the workouts and routines they see in the magazines. Often these are the workouts of high-level athletes and just throw a lesser body into a state of overtraining very quickly. You need a workout that is custom made to suit you. It has to suit your body type, your recovery ability, accommodate any injuries you may have and also suit your lifestyle. There is no “one size fits all” workout prescription if you want to stick with your training and actually see good results.

Step 2: You have to eat the right way to build muscle.

Another common mistake some people make is to think that because they’re training to “bulk up” it means they can eat as much as they like and whatever they like. This is not the case. Other people make have the opposite problem and just don’t eat enough to grow bigger muscles. The fact is that your body requires proper and adequate nutrition to grow. If you’re exercising to gain weight then you need to be eating good, healthy food and a lot of it. In spite of what the magazine ads may tell you, you don’t necessarily need supplements.

If you eat plenty of nutritious food and avoid overly processed foods you should get enough nutrients from your food alone to gain the size you want. Sure, you can stuff yourself with junk food and get all the calories you need to grow but you won’t be getting the nutrition your body requires to grow big and strong. Also, do that and you’ll probably be getting a lot more calories than you need and end up getting fatter instead of more muscular.

Step 3: You have to get enough rest to build muscle.

The third common mistake many people make when they’re training to build muscle is to not get adequate rest. Your body repairs itself and grows while you’re sleeping and resting not while you’re at the gym. There’s no point blitzing your muscles in the gym if you’re not getting enough rest and sleep for your body to not only recuperate from the workout but to grow. People who keep hitting the gym without recovering properly don’t get bigger.

Not only that but they also make themselves more likely to get an injury. These are the basic steps you need to follow to get bigger by building muscle. Avoid the common mistakes made by others and follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to building the body you want. The basics above give you a good foundation but you need all the right information about exactly how you should train, eat and rest to get the very best results in the shortest time.

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