Fast and Easy DIY Black Peel-off Mask

Many times you have gone to a beuty salon to have a highly trained professional apply an expensive mask, then patiently waited for breathtaking results. It’s hard not to think about the fact that you might get ripped off, and if the results don’t meet your expectations, this seed of doubt will only grow.

But don’t worry, now you can make an inexpensive peel-off mask that works wonders in your own home.


  • 2  capsules of activated charcoal (approximately 0.2 g ) opened and emptied. To open the capsules, simply twist the two halves and gently pull them apart.
  • 2 tablespoons of elmers glue


Mix the ingredients together into a smooth paste, and spot test the mask on your cheek or underside of your wrist to make sure that you do not have any adverse reactions. Wash your face with a mild cleanser and pat it half dry ( not dripping wet, yet moist). Apply the mask evenly avoiding the delicate skin around your eyes and lips, and let it sit until it is dry ( about 10 minutes). As the mask dries your skin will feel tighter and sometimes a little bit itchy. After the mask dries, peel it off, wash your face, pat your face gently  with a clean towel, and let the skin breath or apply a mild moisturizer.

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