Healthy Food: What to Eat and When to Eat it?

All of us are aware that the food has a massive influence on our health and physical appearance, but do you know that it is also important when during the day you consume some products?
Actually research show that certain products are better to eat in the morning, others for lunch and some for dinner, so your body can get the best health benefits out of them.
Gain some healthy habits and learn which products are the best to consume and when.

Dark chocolate

  • Breakfast(Yes)

    A few pieces in the morning will give your body the necessary antioxidants that slow down the aging process and are very good for your heart.

  • Snack(No)

    If you consume more than 25g dark chocolate throughout the day, every gram more than the recommended dose will turn into fat.


  • Breakfast and lunch(Yes)

    Pasta is filled with fibers  that cleanse the body from toxins. Pasta with low glycemic index decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

  • Dinner(No)

    Pasta has a lot of calories and for dinner it is best to consume products with less calories.

Red meet

  • Lunch(Yes)

    Red meet is a good source of iron which enables a bigger flow of oxygen to the cells and organs. This way you are also strengthening you immune system.

  • Dinner(No)

    It take 5 hours for the meet to be fully digested, so it is not a good idea to eat it before you go to bed.


  • Breakfast(Yes)

    Moderate amounts prevent bloating and weight gain.

  • Dinner(No)

    They are hard to digest.


  • Lunch(Yes)

    One hand of nuts (around 30g) fulfills the daily need of omega 3 fatty acids which keep the blood vessels healthy, regulate the blood pressure and keep the lungs in healthy shape.

  • Dinner(No)

    Nuts have a big amount of fat and calories, so if you eat them for dinner you will probably gain some weight.


  • Breakfast(Yes)

    Oranges improve the function of the bowls and speed up the metabolism.

  • Snacks(No)

    Every fruit including oranges should be consumed on their own or with other fruits.


  • Breakfast(Yes)

    The acids that are in tomatoes aid in the digestion and regulate the functioning of the stomach and pancreas.

  • Dinner(No)

    Big amounts of oxalic acid have a negative effect on the digestion of water and salt in the blood, so the only thing that tomatoes can do for you in the evening is give you gas.


  • Breakfast(Yes)

    Starch decreases the cholesterol level in the blood. Among other things, potatoes are rich in minerals that are necessary for your body.

  • Lunch or dinner(No)

    Potatoes have 2-3 times more calories that other vegetables, so they aren’t the best choice for dinner.


  • Lunch(Yes)

    Contains big amounts of carbohydrates and it will keep you awake.

  • Dinner(No)

    Because of the big amount of carbohydrates, you will probably gain some weight.


  • Breakfast(Yes)

    Calories that are includes in sugar are easier to burn.

  • Dinner(No)

    Sugar irritates the digestive system and that leads to insomnia and even weight gain.


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