Do You Regularly Eat Breakfast?

Many people find that mornings are too busy to go and eat breakfast. On the other hand, the larger half of them claim that they are not hungry enough and have no appetite when you wake up. Those who do not eat in the morning can cause more harm than benefits on its physical appearance. Studies have shown that there are several reasons why breakfast is important, read below what advantages it has for our health.

Breakfast improves concentration

There is a reason why many schools offer breakfast to their students. Nutritionists have long agreed that the morning meal is crucial for concentration and learning, unrelated to age. After a night, the level of blood sugar is very low, and breakfast that offers optimal amount whole grains, protein and foods rich in vitamins is more than required for our brain to carry out normal functions.

After breakfast you will be more active

People who eat breakfast have more physical energy, so naturally stretch and active life because the brain receives signals on the amount of new energy.

Important for heart

The habit of skipping breakfast has been scientifically proven to be associated with the emergence and development of heart disease, particularly with an increased risk of heart attack by 27%.

Choose protein breakfast

Breakfast will keep you satiated throughout the morning, but breakfast rich in protein keeps this advantage all day. Choose eggs, yogurt and meat and the desire for junk food throughout the day will be reduced. Healthy breakfast mean healthy choices.

Reduces the risk of onset of diabetes

The link between skipping breakfast and developing diabetes was mentioned in many scientific studies. Breakfast is important for the regulation of appetite throughout the day. If the skip, in time may result in insulin sensitivity, Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Do yourself a favor and never skip breakfast.

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