Simple Morning Rituals That Will Give You a Long and Healthy Life

Morning rituals enable us to connect with ourselves for a little while before the busy day really kicks off. They keep us grounded, give us some perspective, and set the tone for the entire day. These healthy habits are also essential for our emotional and psychological health both now, and in the future.

Because habits persist even when we’re tired and lack self-control, the establishment of a healthy daily routine is more important than most people think.

Here are a couple of simple rituals that you should integrate into your morning routine:

  • Take deep breaths

After sleeping, the room is filled with dirty air even if your window was open. Right after you wake up you should open the windows, put your head out and breathe in the fresh air. Breathe in and out for 10 minutes. If your morning starts with a positive attitude, than you will have a positive attitude throughout the whole day.

  • Showering

If you are preparing for a possible stressful day filled with a lot of unhealthy habits, your body needs to be able to relax and fill up its batteries with a shower.

  • Stretching

After sleeping the whole body is relaxed and every little movement can cause a problem. You can avoid this by stretching after your morning hygiene routine.

  • Physical exercises

After stretching, reward your body with a little bit of exercise. If you can squeeze this in your routine before your obligations catch up with you, you have done a wonderful thing for your body. 15 minutes of light exercise is more than enough.

  • Eat breakfast before you drink coffee

Regardless if you worship coffee and/or cigarettes, they shouldn’t be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach. Make time to eat a healthy meal before you go back to your unhealthy habits.

  • Organization

Organizing the time is the biggest problem for a lot of people. The whole stress comes from being late and trying to rush everything to make it in time. It is something that you can completely avoid if you organize your time in the morning.

  • Plan out your day the night before

Make plans how to squeeze in your new morning routines in with some of your old ones. It will be hard at the beginning but don’t give up. These habits will make you have a better mood, be more active throughout the day and feel more healthy, beautiful, confident and full of positive energy.


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