Slimming World Shopping List for Beginners / New Members

Slimming World Shopping List for Beginners / New Members

I thought I would put together a little essential Slimming World shopping list for beginners / new members.


  • Frylight – Every slimming worlder’s top item and the most noteworthy I imagine. Substitute for oils, syn free.
  • Stock cubes/ stock pots – All flavours great for stews, soups etc. Free.
  • Eggs – Omelette, scrambled, fried (no oil) the list is endless.
  • Chopped tomatoes – Great for bulking out the likes of curries, stews, pasta, chilli.. Free.
  • Curry/Chilli Powder – Syn free, mild, medium or hot the choice is yours!
  • Garlic – Pretty much a free all rounder.
  • Mullerlight – Free and great for snacking on.
  • Light margarine – Syns but I can’t have my toast dry (yuck)
  • Any of the SW range now at Iceland!

Fruit and Vegetables

Have at it, the list is endless, fresh or frozen! I will say this though don’t be afraid of veggies, for a long time I didn’t like them either, but I started adding them to my dishes, chopped up small so you get all the goodness without the crunch and gradually I started to like them more and more. As a result I achieved many a loss on this plan even as a fussy eater.


You can eat, for free, all lean meat/poultry – less than 5% fat. Remove any visible fat (especially off bacon, sorry!) – Ham is also free and a great go-to snack!

Cupboard staples

  • Dried pasta – any shape, all free.
  • Mug Shots – Free, great on the go snack.
  • Rice – The dry stuff is free (not microwave)
  • Beans/ Spaghetti – Free and easy.
  • Marmite – You either love it or hate it, I love it and it’s free!
  • Tuna – Tinned. Great on baked potatoes
  • Worcestershire Sauce – A brilliant sauce alternative and free.
  • Herbs and spices – Check syns as some do have them!
  • Pickled onions – A go to snack for me. Free.

Healthy Extra A choice – These are dairy foods that are higher in calcium.

  • 350ml skimmed milk, 250ml semi-skimmed milk, 175ml whole milk.
  • 28g cheddar
  • 42g feta, mozzarella or reduced fat cheddar
  • 3 mini babybel light cheeses
  • 4 Dairylea light triangles

Healthy Extra B choice – These are higher in fibre.

  • 60g of any wholemeal bread
  • 60g any wholemeal roll
  • 4 Ryvita dark rye/Original
  • 2 Weetabix
  • 40g All Bran
  • 30g Oats


  • Coffee, tea. Free with sweetener and HexA milk, (unless you add non HexA milk or sugar.)
  • Green Tea. Personal favourite, I adore the Cherry Bakewell one. Yum
  • Diet pop – Pepsi Max for me.
  • Water – Try adding no added sugar squash if you find it hard like water (who does?!)


Save the best for last, the list can be endless, so this is personal preference on what I tend to spend my syns on.

  • Crisps – Obsessed. I go for the lowest like Quavers or French Fries (usually the shops own brand alternative) – Or the minion crisps from Poundland yummy and only 2.5 syns!
  • Chocolate – We all love it. I go for those snack sized favourites these vary in syns but some as low as 3!
  • Mikado – 0.5 syns per stick!
  • Pink n Whites – 2.5 syns
  • Rainbow Drops (the 10g bag) 2 syns
  • A magnum – For the days you need it, you know what I mean. 12 syns. (<Worth it!)

I think that’s it, I am nervous about putting this out there as, well like I said earlier, I can get things wrong thus making you get it wrong but I do hope this is informative and helpful to some.

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