Slimming World Syn Values for Chocolate and Crisps

Today we are talking about Slimming World syn values for chocolate and crisps. Hooray!
Firstly, please remember this is all my own personal findings, I am not affiliated with Slimming World in any way. I am a human and I make mistakes, please check syn values yourself if you are unsure. 

Have you ever noticed how the best things in life have the most calories and therefore the most syns?. Gah, why can’t chocolate be healthy?! Sigh!. So anyway, as we know I tend to lead a healthy life now I am a target member, but because I am human I do often fancy some chocolate and crisps. On these occasions I tend to opt for the snack sized favourites. I find these help curb my cravings without using all my syns! Win.

So how many syns are there in these snack sized bars I hear you ask? Let me divulge.

  • Curly Wurly 15g – 3.5 syns
  • Chomp 24g – 5.5 syns
  • Fudge 25g – 5.5 syns
  • Freddo  19g – 5 syns
  • Crunchie 17g – 4 syns
  • Buttons 15g bag – 4 syns

Not pictured:

-Malteasers fun size 19.5g – 4.5 syns

-Malteasers 21.5 g – 5.5 syns

-Fun size Mars 18g – 4 syns

Lidl Snaktastic:

Cheese Puffs 17g – 4.5 syns. Monster Claws 18g bag 4.5 syns. Potato hoops 25g 6 syns. Salt your own 25g 6.5 syns

Aldi Snackrite:

Monster claws 18g 4.5 syns. Cheese curls 12g 3 syns. Cheese puffs 17g 4.5 syns. Bacon rashers 18g 4.5 syns. Cheese grids 17g 4.5 syns

Here’s a tip for calculating Slimming World syn values for chocolate and crisps and other synned products yourself; It is typically 1syn per 20 calories. Eg: 100 kcal = 5 syns.

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