Tips For Success On A Low Carb Diet

  • The low carb diet is also a high fat diet. Read Low Carb High Fat Diet Explained to understand exactly how it works. There’s a proven science behind it, which boils down to “Food Combining”.
  • The goal is to eat 20 net carbs per day (max). Here’s how to calculate net carbs.
  • What to eat: Any meat & seafood, eggs, healthy fats & low carb vegetables. It’s easy to create meal plans you’ll enjoy. Just choose foods from those groups that you know you like.
  • See: List of Low Carb Vegetables. You should eat 10-15 net carbs in high fiber vegetables each day.
  • See: Healthy Fats & Super Foods You Should Eat. ENJOY natural/healthy fats. They’re good for you, make you feel physically & emotionally satisfied, and they help you lose weight on a low carb diet.
  • Ideally you’ll get at least 70% of your daily calories from healthy fats. I like pecan halves, salmon, avocado, egg salad, etc (“real food” healthy fats). The free MyFitnessPal site/app makes it easy to track what you’re eating, and to keep up with your net carbs & fat/protein ratios.

-During the first or second week, as your body makes the huge chemical change to burning fat for energy, you’ll experience The Low Carb Flu. Drinking hot chicken broth helps as this is a diuretic diet, and the broth will help replenish your sodium & electrolytes.

-Focus on making intentional choices, one meal and one snack at a time. Eat as much as you need to stay physically and emotionally satisfied, as long as you stay within 20 net carbs per day.

  • When you’re just starting, Keep It Simple! (see two Low Carb Meal ideas at that link)
  • Concerned about eating fats, and how that affects blood pressure and cholesterol levels? Educate yourself on the Cardiovascular Health Benefits of a Low Carb Diet.
  • You may find some resistance from well-meaning friends and family members when you start eating low carb. See: When People Don’t Support Your Low Carb Diet.
  • If you find you’re not experiencing the success you expected eating low carb, review the four points in this post: Not Losing Weight Eating Low Carb?
  • And finally, there are many myths floating around about how much water you should drink while eating low carb.

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